Rootcrate Dedicated Server Hosting

Gen 1 Crate

Gen I crates are Dell PowerEdge R620 servers with serious enterprise components - Dual Intel Xeon E5 8-core processors, hardware RAID with 512MB battery-backed cache, SAS 10K disks, ECC memory, and enterprise hardware management for full control. With four network interfaces, Gen I Crates can be connected to a private LAN for clustering purposes.

Model Dell PowerEdge R620
CPU 2x E5-2600 Xeon
CPU Cores 16 cores/32 threads
Memory 64GB ECC RAM
Disks 6x 300GB SAS 10k
Network 1 Gbps (25TB/mo)
IPv4 1x IPv4
IPv6 Very large subnets available
Management iDRAC 7 Enterprise
OS CentOS 7*
Price $279/mo

Set Up Now

* We'll install any operating system you'd like, any time. You can also load your own OS image because you have full control of your crate at all times