How It Works

How To Rent Your Own Dedicated Server at Rootcrate

  1. Pick a crate from the Dedicated Servers page and click the "Set Up Now" button
  2. Complete the simple registration form and place your order
  3. When your order is complete, click your name at the top of the page, then click "Servers"
  4. Login via SSH to your new crate(s) using the details provided on your Servers page
  5. If you need any support or have any questions, contact us any time

We are happy to assist with anything you need for your crates - fresh install of a specific operating system, changes to RAID configuration, or direct VNC or IPKVM access for entirely private self-administration.

If you are building a clustered environment for a large application, we can configure isolated VLANs for your crates to meet your specific needs (all crates have 3 additional network ports and we're happy to support even complex configurations like LACP/bonding, custom routing, even 10Gbe connectivity). We can also provide additional public IPv4 addresses as needed, as well as very large IPv6 subnets.