Rootcrate vs. Cloud Hosting - Limited Scalability

Cloud Based Hosting has Limited Scalability.

Because cloud services, by definition, exist in a shared environment, providers like AWS enforce strict limits on the use and scalability of their products. Without such limits in place, a very demanding web application might suddenly consume vast amounts of hardware resources during a sudden traffic spike as a result of dynamic auto-scaling rules. Customers must wait on responses to support requests to increase some of the limits, but not all limits can be increased.

Rootcrate Has No Limits on Server Usage.

Rootcrate dedicated servers have no artificial limits. You may use 100% of your server's capabilities. Gen I crates include 25TB of internet bandwidth per month, and overages are simply billed at a flat rate of $20 per 1TB (78% less than AWS).

Gen 1 Dedicated Server:
Comparable cloud solutions cost $1200 - $4300/mo