Rootcrate vs. Cloud Hosting - Simple Pricing

Cloud Based Hosting Has Complicated Pricing.

Popular cloud hosting providers present an excessively complicated array of products. AWS, for example, lists more than 100 top-level products, many with hundreds of sub-products and services. The EC2 product line has 214 "instance" types, each with a different price tag (billed by the second). Any real-world use of EC2 will incur many additional charges for bandwidth, disk space, object storage, monitoring, load balancing, alerts, email notifications, DNS entries, and so on. AWS is so complex that they created a cost estimation calculator to figure out how much you might be billed, assuming you know what you need.

Rootcrate Has Simple Pricing.

Rootcrate pricing is simple. Crates have a flat monthly price that will never increase (and might even decrease). The only possible additional cost is for consumed bandwidth over the 25TB/mo included with every crate, priced at $20 per TB/mo (78% less than AWS).

Gen 1 Dedicated Server:
Comparable cloud solutions cost $1200 - $4300/mo