Rootcrate vs. Cloud Providers - Cost

Cloud Based Hosting Providers are Overpriced

Cloud hosting providers, such as AWS, charge customers for every bit of data stored, transmitted, or processed. You pay for every disk operation, every file hosted, every HTTP request handled, every minute your virtual server instance is online - if it can be measured in any way, you will be billed for it. Not a big deal for a tiny personal website or a dev instance, but even a moderately demanding app stack is shockingly expensive in the cloud.

Rootcrate is up to 85% Less than Cloud

Rootcrate dedicated servers have one price no matter how you use them. Gen I crates are powerful enterprise servers with CPU, RAM, disk, and network capacity equivalent to cloud services costing more than $3,800 per month.

Gen 1 Dedicated Server:
Comparable cloud solutions cost $1200 - $4300/mo