Rootcrate vs. Cloud Providers - Limited Control

Cloud Based Hosting Providers Often Have Limited Control.

Most cloud hosting companies sell virtualized services running on physical hardware they control. Since the actual servers are likely to be used simultaneously by multiple customers, no direct control over the underlying server hardware is given to any customer. Strict limits are in place to keep one customer from adversely affecting others in this kind of shared environment, and scaling beyond these limits involves working with (and waiting on) support staff and help desk requests.

With Rootcrate You Get Full ROOT Control.

Rootcrate dedicated servers are 100% under the control of the customer. You have full root access to your crates and you are free to use the hardware however you please. Run a hypervisor to host your own virtual machines, configure powerful application clusters running on true enterprise-grade hardware, and scale to meet demand with no artificial limitations. Full access to the onboard iDRAC server management interface is possible, allowing you to change your RAID configuration, alter BIOS settings, and install any OS you need at any time.

Gen 1 Dedicated Server:
Comparable cloud solutions cost $1200 - $4300/mo