Rootcrate vs. Cloud Hosting - Hardware

Cloud Based Hosting is on Shared Hardware.

Cloud services, such as AWS EC2 instances, are virtual slices of physical servers. Each physical server is likely to host several virtual instances for different customers, which is known as a shared environment. In this configuration, one customer on a shared server can degrade the performance for other customers, and a security vulnerability on the underlying server can potentially compromise the entire shared environment. For customers seeking to avoid these risks, AWS offers "Dedicated Hosts" at very high prices ($2093/mo for specs equivalent to a Gen I crate), but you still do not have direct access to the server itself.

With Rootcrate You Get Private Dedicated Servers.

Rootcrate dedicated servers are entirely private. You get root access to the server OS and full control of the machine. We monitor and manage the physical hardware and network infrastructure, but only you control access to the operating system and services running on your server. You are in control of the entire system. It is absolutely private and your server resources are entirely dedicated to you.

Gen 1 Dedicated Server:
Comparable cloud solutions cost $1200 - $4300/mo